Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sometimes & Always

Sometimes: I am amazed at how different actual marriage is from everything I pictured it to be
Always: I am overjoyed by the parts that are better, and take a deep breath and remind myself that we have 60 years to figure out the harder parts

Sometimes: I imagine all the fun, productive, healthy, and responsible things I can get done on the (rare) days we are home over summer break
Always: The lack of structure throws me and it takes me most of our time at home to get myself in a fun, productive, healthy, responsible routine

Sometimes: I actually have the will-power to refuse my hubby when he offers to buy me a milk shake or have junk food for dinner
Always: A huge part of me feels guilty because I don't like saying "No" when my hubby is trying to be sweet and offering something he thinks will make me happy

Sometimes: I wear my pajamas most of the day (when I don't have to leave the house)
Always: My hubby tells me how much he likes it when I wear my pajamas around the house, so it doesn't really help me break the habit :-D

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