Thursday, June 28, 2012

Please Pray for Colorado and Rain

Chris and I are safely out of the state of Colorado, but we are reminded every day of our beloved home state because of the MANY fires burning throughout beautiful Colorado.

Thank you for the concern so many of you are showing for Colorado and the prayers you are sending up asking for protection for the firemen, families and RAIN.

Thankfully, the fires are not anywhere near where Chris and I live, as of now.  To be frank, the entire state of Colorado is potentially a pile of kindling because of low snow fall and a very dry spring.  Just about a week ago, Chris and I were playing with Lloyd and we saw a huge group of firemen, forest servicemen, and policeman scanning the hillside with binoculars keeping an eye out for fires because we were having lightening and no rain in our area.

PLEASE keep our entire state in prayer.  It is so humbling to see the power of mother nature out of control.  I've listed some specific prayer requests below:
  • Please pray for the Colorado wildfires.

  • Please pray for the firemen fighting the many blazes in these incredibly dry and treacherous conditions.

  •  Please pray for the families who have been evacuated and are watching all of their worldly possessions go up in flames.

  • Please pray for RAIN. 

  • Please pray for rain without lightening, rain without wind, RAIN! 

 All pictures from here.

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