Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Young and In Love

Treasuring the Present Tuesday:

My hubby and I are so young and in love!

Well, some might argue that we're not so young... but we feel young and in love.  We didn't know each other as 18-year-olds or 22-year-olds or even 25-year-olds.  To be honest, I think God knew exactly what He was doing that He didn't bring us together when we were younger, because we wouldn't have made a very good pair.

His timing was perfect, and Chris and I are just settling into our second year of marriage and our third year of loving each other.

We feel so fortunate to be young and in love (and without children)!

We had such a great time at the wedding this past weekend.
 These pictures were taken a the wedding we attended this past weekend in their wedding photobooth.  Chris and I had so much fun, and we had clearly learned fun photo faces since we were in the photobooth at our wedding.

Sept 2012
 We didn't have nearly as many fun poses at our wedding as we did this past weekend.

June 2011
Our wonderful animals were so happy to have us back, and promptly fell asleep when we got them home.

It kind of looks like they're in bunk beds...
What are you treasuring today?

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