Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes: I feel like Super Woman -- wife, teacher, mom to animals, occasional cook, long-distance worker
Always: I'm never Superwoman... I can do about two things per day -- work and mom to animals, or work and wife, or work and cook... never more than two in a day.  I'm never Superwoman.

Sometimes: I come up with great ideas for my hubby's birthday (or Christmas or our anniversary)
Always: I'm pretty sure I end up giving him gifts that I think are great instead of gifts that he thinks is great (don't worry, he does the same thing to me)

Sometimes: I acknowledge that I need a hair trim
Always: I decide the price isn't worth it (which makes me so grateful for the fact that I was just given a gift card to a hair salon in town!!!  YAY!)

Sometimes: I enjoy the challenge of 14+ hour work days (5:00am-7:00pm and beyond)
Always: After I enjoy the challenge, I'm completely exhausted and sort of hate the idea of work the next day.
Sometimes: I think about how happy I could be staying in our sweet little house in Rifle forever.  We have such a sweet little home and, in our second year here, we are SO content!
Always: I imagine a house with more land for our children to run and play... eventually.  I love the quote "The soul needs more space than the body."  I want our children's souls to have more space than their bodies.

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