Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Treasuring the Present: Fun, Busy Fall

We love fall around here... but we stay so busy in the fall, we feel like we blink and it's over.

Vail mountain... starting to change color
Today, here are some of my favorite parts about our busy, wonderful fall:
  • Cool nights, Cold mornings and Warm afternoons
  • Michigan Football and Cardinal Baseball
  • Hiking and Hunting
  • Full, BUSY days, which means my hubby and I treasure our nights together all the more
  • New exercise routines and the hope that I'll stick to it from now until Christmas
  • A new batch of students, teachers and colleagues
  • The promise of Daylight Savings Time ahead (eventually)
  • The season premier of tv shows we came to enjoy last spring
  • Teamwork with my hubby as we are both pulled in a million directions
  • Feeling proficient in Braille again
  • Enjoying Words With Friends and Draw Something during my brief minutes of down-time (feel free to start a game with me!) :-D
  • Trying to organizing a semi-regular weekly doggie day-care so Lloyd can play/tire himself out with friends during the day.  A tired puppy = Brooke getting more work done
What are you treasuring about Fall?

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