Saturday, September 29, 2012

One Year Later

This weekend I have been repeatedly impressed with the difference a year can make.

I don't remember exactly what Chris and I were doing the last weekend in September last year (I could probably dig around a little and figure it out), and it doesn't really matter.  What I do know is Chris and I were still figuring out marriage; What I do know is Chris and I were still figuring out our little house; and What I do know is Chris and I were a FAR CRY from being able to host three young men and my mother on the same weekend.

My mom is in town this weekend and she and I are headed to the Women of Faith conference in Denver.  Then we'll return to Rifle for a few days for "just us girls".  We've had this planned since last winter.

Chris and I are hosting some Young American Singers this weekend as they put on a musical workshop at Chris' middle school.  We have been excited to host some since last school year.

We realized that both of these exciting events were happening the same weekend about a month ago.

Last year, nothing was going wrong with Chris and my marriage by any means, except we were still really new at it.  We were still figuring out how we were going to arrange our kitchen, who would cook when and how much food to make, what our morning routine was and who was showering when...  In addition, the only bed in our house was our bed, where we slept each night.  We also had an air bed that was probably still packed away in an unknown box.  We would have had a hard time hosting even one house guest much less four a year ago!

Now, a year later, Chris and I are in our second school year together and we know each other's working routine, we know when the other one will shower, we know how much food to make and who is cooking when, we have MORE BEDS and can host people when we're given the opportunity.

This year, I had the guest room, and our downstairs ready for guests in record time.  It was SO NICE.

I just feel so settled compared to a year ago.  I enjoy routine and knowing what to expect, and this fall I feel like I have that.  There are still surprises, but surprises within our routine.

A year ago, I was so upset with myself because I wasn't the exclusive cook in the family.  Chris enjoyed cooking and I kept wondering what was wrong with what I was feeding him?  Why did he still want to do the cooking when I was here for him?

Now, I feel much better about Chris cooking.  I have learned that Chris likes to cook, whereas I cook because we need to eat.  I like to bake, but cooking is not my favorite thing.  We have a nice routine of each of us cooking a few nights a week.  There may be a season when one of us is cooking more regularly than the other, but for now, we enjoy the shared responsibility.

A year ago, we were praying about getting a puppy and visiting some shelters.  Time after time we would see a puppy and just not have a peace that this was the puppy for us, and we would have to leave the puppy behind, trusting the pup to the Lord, that he was meant for someone else.

Now, we have our puppy, he's over a year old, and we know what to expect from him.  He is a part of our family, and we know he is the dog God specifically designed for us.  Even he and Lexie are getting better and better about being siblings instead of sworn enemies.

Mom and I are headed to Women of Faith, and I am just praising God for the difference a year can make.

Have a great weekend.

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