Saturday, September 15, 2012

Images from Hubby's Birthday

My wonderful Hubby had a birthday this past week, and we had a WONDERFUL RELAXING evening!!!

We have been working so hard lately, and even our weekends have been filled with early mornings, hunting, cooking, entertaining, and more work.

On my hubby's birthday, we relaxed, we did NOT do work, we ordered Chinese (which we haven't done in MONTHS!!!), we cuddled and fell asleep early.  It was a WONDERFUL day!!!

A family picture... and our outfits show how relaxed we were!
Our celebration continued on Friday evening.  I had work in Grand Junction (the nearest "big" city to us) and so we continued our celebration with coupons, shopping, gift cards and dinner.  We had a great time and did NOT spend much money!  We are having a lot of fun learning to save and make economic choices when we do want to splurge a little.

Here are some pictures of our Birthday Partying:

Birthday Boy
The animals want to be a part of the party!
They love their Daddy!
A family celebration!  :-D
"Show me the card, Daddy!"
"When is he going to get to these presents?"
"He had no idea how much fun this ribbon will be for me!"
Lexie and Lloyd get pretty close to each other these days.
"Daddy, let us help!"
An ipod/iphone alarm clock -- he has wanted one of these for a LONG time
(A big thank you to his mom!)
A fun adventure in Mexico when we go in November!
Chris gets to choose between Deep Sea Fishing, Scuba Diving, or Whale Watching!
"FINALLY, he got this box opened.  Now the party can start!"
Happy 32nd HUBBY!
I love this man!
 Here are family picture outtakes:

We love our Lexie and Lloyd!
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