Monday, September 17, 2012

My Advice to Brides

Over Labor Day Weekend, Chris and I attended the wedding of my good friend from college, Katie.  She and Jeremy met in law school and then moved back to Michigan, where his family is from.

Katie is such a great friend and it was great catching up at the rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, and a brunch the day after the wedding.

Katie, the beautiful bride, and I in the fun wedding photobooth
As, I'm sure many of you know, when you zip into town for a wedding, you don't get a LOT of time visiting with the bride and groom.  A few quick conversations, expressing your best wishes, hugs and good-byes are pretty much the most you can hope for.

That being said, I am learning that when I attend the wedding of a friend, I need to at least get her undivided attention for 1 minute to give her my advice for the wedding.

Before the wedding fun, I shared my Advice with Katie at the Rehearsal Dinner
I KNOW everyone has their wedding advice.  I know new brides get advice from every direction, and I don't want to add to the multitude... however, I had one big regret from my wedding and I cannot NOT pass my advice on to my bride friends.


Ask the special men in your life to dance at your wedding.

Simple, to-the-point, I can deliver it in less than 30 seconds.  If a bride wants more of an explanation and has more than 30 seconds to spare, I can give the rationale behind this advice.

At my wedding, I always assumed I would dance with my grandpa, my new grandpas, my new father-in-law, my brother, my new brothers-in-law, my uncles, possibly some cousins, some groomsmen... I really imagined myself dancing the night away.

The truth is, these men did not ask me to dance.  In hindsight, I understand why -- I was very busy at the reception.  It was a wonderful night... but I was pulled in one direction to sign the marriage license, another direction for the W&L Swing, another direction for pictures with my new Hubby on the balcony, another direction to chat with guests, another direction to dance with my dad, another direction to cut the cake... It was a wonderful, WONDERFUL night... but the men with whom I always imagined dancing at my wedding did not bother me to ask me to dance.

If I had only known, I would have asked my Grandpa, my new Father-in-law, my Uncles, my Brother to dance.  I didn't know, and so I did not dance with any of these men and more the entire night.

I did dance with my Daddy, my new Hubby, and my parents' next-door neighbor who is a really good friend of our family, and I am so grateful for those dances.  I really would have loved to dance with a few other special men.

The 3 men with whom I danced at my wedding.  I wish there had been more.
That is my advice -- Know that these men WILL NOT ask you to dance because so much is going on.  YOU, The Bride, Need to ask these men to dance at the reception, if its going to happen.

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