Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pictures of Saturday

Our Saturday was really very enjoyable... except for Michigan's HORRIBLE performance in their football game Saturday night.

My Hubby's 4am hunting alarm didn't go off Saturday morning, so he opted to spend the day at home with me and we had a wonderful, productive, fall day.

Here are some pictures of our September Saturday:

We can always tell when Lloyd is in trouble because he stays just outside the dog door, and just pokes his head inside as if to say, "Am I still in trouble?"  Just to be clear, we have never actually banished him outside... it seems to be his punishment for himself.

While I was taking picture of the guilty-faced Lloyd, Lexie came into the room, and looked at him like he was crazy.

Saturday morning meant College Gameday and canning peaches!

And two peaches-and-cream pies


We've gone a little peach-crazy this fall.

My hubby even made some peach freezer-jam... so jam, canned peaches, and pies.  Whew!  What a productive Saturday morning!

Michigan game time -- representing our favorite teams with my drinks.

My hubby cooked a wonderful dinner.  Eggplant parmesan, grilled salmon and caprese salad!

Eggplant Parmesan

Caprese Salad

Grilled Salmon

My husband seems to think that Lloyd needs ear-plugs when I'm cheering for Michigan.

Very funny, Guys.

In all seriousness, Lloyd does seem pretty scared of me during Michigan games.  His name is Lloyd Carr, we've go to work on his loyalty!

Obviously I do not cheer as loud as I've been accused, if my hubby can fall asleep during the Michigan game.  This was his idea of our "watching the game together".

Eventually, Lexie took charge of the remotes.

All-in-all, a great family Saturday.

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  1. What a great day! Love all those beautiful jars of peaches. :)
    How funny about the earplugs!


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