Monday, September 24, 2012

Act of Valor

A few weeks ago, Hubby and I rented the movie Act of Valor.

I was not excited to see this movie... but it was a movie I felt I owed it to those who serve in the armed forces to see.

I didn't know a lot about this movie before I saw it.  I watched a few trailers and I had a few assumptions.
I assumed I would cry.
I assumed I would hide my eyes.
I assumed there would be some action.
I hoped there would be a happy ending.

This movie was AWESOME!!!

A unique war movie, actors did not act in this movie, real, active service Navy Seals were featured in this movie.  You HAVE to see this movie!!!

Here is a short trailer...

I will say, there were parts where I had to hide my eyes, but the movie was NOT as gruesome or violent as other movies I have seen.  They did a good job of keeping the action high, but the violence and torture scenes low.

As I'm typing this sentence, it sounds really lame, but this movie was SO COOL!  I have to admit, I have always been very impressed by how military airplanes can fly over athletic stadiums perfectly timed to the last four measures of "The National Anthem".  Well, after seeing this movie and peering through the portal of the precision demanded from military missions... suddenly, the National Anthem fly-over is not nearly so impressive!  When they're on missions, life and death is determined by timing and precision.

I watched some of the pieces required for one mission, and imagined how long it would take me to learn just one step of the mission.  How long would it take me to learn how to lower myself from a helicopter via a single rope into a raft, which is hanging below the helicopter, which the helicopter is flying.  Okay, 12 weeks later, I've mastered that, now how long would it take me to learn how to properly un-hook the raft from the helicopter and drive it into enemy waters.  Alright, 2 weeks later, I've mastered that... and hopefully I haven't forgotten how to lower myself from the helicopter...

I just sit in awe of what these men and women do every day.  Most of the missions they carry out, most of the threats they disassemble, and most of the bombs they deactivate, we never hear about.

When I thank a Veteran or a Serviceman, I am thanking them for everything I do not know that they do, but I know they do it.

This movie is one we all owe it to our Armed Service Men and Women to see.  It is that good.  It is that respectful.  It gives us a rare window into everything that happens that we never see.

This movie will most likely be under our Christmas Tree this year... because our household needs this reminder; because our future children need to know the great honor it is to serve our country; because we need to remember that Acts of Valor happen every minute of every day to keep us safe.

Here's a long trailer...

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  1. I watched it too a few weeks ago and was so moved...and in awe of what the Armed Forces do. I mean I could sort of imagine....but to see the movie and to see these men do what they did and realize...this is what they do. This is their job. They choose to do this for our country.

    I cried several times but it really was a great movie that gives us a perceptive we NEED.

    These men and women ROCK!


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