Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ready, Set, RELAX!

 Today begins a nine day vacation full of family, football, food, skiing, entertaining, hosting, cooking, dishes, laughter (we hope), love, and memories.

I am so excited that this week is over, but truth-be-told, I am still completely wound up.  I went from work-mode today to flying home for last minute cleaning and cooking I wanted to get done before my parents arrived... my parents arrived and hardly settled in when another dinner guest arrived, who met with my parents before dinner on a matter of business -- I half listened and half worked on getting dinner ready.

We had a lovely dinner, and I did the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and am now telling myself "its time to crash" -- it's just hard to crash on cue when I've seriously been running on MODE CRAZY and MODE NOT-A-MOMENT-TO-SPARE for the past seven days.

Even now (written Friday night), I have a HORRIBLE migraine that I've been fighting all day, but I'm having a hard time laying down and trying to sleep.

I'm hoping tomorrow the real relaxing will kick in around about the time of the Michigan v. Nebraska game.

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