Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gifts Galore Basket Giveway for Adoption

My friend Lauren is a friend from the "real world" as opposed to the "blog world".  We both met before we had blogs -- in fact, we met before anyone I knew had a blog.  When we met neither of us were married (although Lauren was engaged), and neither of us had graduated from college... we have walked through so much since we met Summer 2005.

We lived in the same tiny town for six months but we have stayed in touch and involved in each others' lives ever since -- first through hand-written letters for years, and now through our blogs.  What a blessing it has been to stand by my sister in Christ through many blessings and challenges.
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Lauren and her husband John are new parents.  They adopted a baby boy from Ethiopia earlier this year, and he just had his first birthday a few weeks ago.  Recently they shared a big announcement -- they expanding their family and adopting again!

They have begun fund-raising and praying like crazy, and now is our chance, as friends and fellow-believers to join them in both efforts -- praying like crazy and helping them financially in this endeavor.
Photo from laurencasper.com
Lauren is having a giveaway on her blog until November 27 for a goody basket worth over $350.  For every $5 you give (or a post on facebook or your blog), you are entered for the goody basket.

Don't miss your chance to support the Caspers AND have a chance to win this great gift basket!

Photo from laurencasper.com

Visit her blog here for all the details and to donate.

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