Thursday, November 3, 2011

Exercising with Lloyd

Today was the first day I did my Slim in Six exercises without Chris in the house, and with Lloyd in the house...

Now, Lexie and I have had adventures when I work out -- like when I'm doing push-ups and she starts curling herself around my arms, or when I'm doing crunches and she decides to curl up on my chest.  It doesn't happen often, but its adorable and she's a 7 lb kitty cat...

Lloyd, on the other hand, is not a 7 lb kitty cat... 30 lbs last week at the vet is more accurate.  Well, today Lloyd decided to be a part of my exercises, much like Lexie tries to.

One exercise was leg lifts, with me on the my elbows and knees and lifting one leg at a time.  Lloyd thought that I was creating a very cool tunnel that he could crawl through.  Note the picture (taken after my exercises when Chris came home and I reenacted it for him in my pajamas):

The other exercise was crunches where Lloyd seemed to realize the my face had never been so close and readily accessible to him... and he took advantage of it!

 Life is fun around here!  :-D

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  1. This is hysterical! AND..I have those same pajama bottoms! Haha. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, and I'm happy to be checking yours out! Have a great day.


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