Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Good Habit

So, my intention was to take a day off from blog posting.  I usually write my posts a night before, and last night was very busy, so I figured today would be a day off...

Well, I've posted everyday since October 1st and it turns out, I've got myself a habit.  It doesn't feel right not to have a new post today.

This weekend is going to be wonderful.  Chris and I are trying for the perfect blend of work and rest, homemaking and healing (I'm still not feeling well), motivation and monotony, fung shui and football.  This is the last weekend before Thanksgiving family company arrives and we have a LOT to do -- but we also need rest.

Chris and I were up with the chickens this morning to rearrange our house furniture so we have room for our great home purchases from last weekend, start laundry and move the new furniture into the house.  Then we went to pick up our wonderful Lloyd Carr -- he was neutered on Friday so Friday night was our first night without our puppy in nearly a month.

Now, we're watching the Michigan game and this evening will consist of my homemaking (or furniture organizing) and Chris working on grad school.  I think this will be a great weekend of balance.

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