Thursday, November 10, 2011

Country Music Awards 2011

Last night the 45th annual CMA awards were awarded and this remains the ONLY awards show I look forward to, know when it airs, watch with my full attention and enjoy every year.

Part of my love for the CMA Awards come from my enjoyment of country music -- but most of my love comes from my years spent in Nashville.

Its crazy for me to think about this year being the 45th awards show because I was in Nashville for the 40th and it does not feel like five years since them.  I was living in Nashville and Good Morning America came to Nashville to celebrate the 40th annual CMA awards.  In honor of "GMA celebrates the CMAs", Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles did a free performance in downtown Nashville in front of the event center where the award show would be held that night.  My roommate and I got up before dawn to head downtown for our chance to see Bon Jovi and Sugarland for FREE.

Two years later was the 42nd CMA show I was in my last semester at Vanderbilt before I would leave Nashville for Wild West Colorado.  I attended the CMAs with my friend, Jack and we had a BLAST!  We had nose-bleed seats but it was amazing to be there in person.

I've looked high and low, and evidently I have little to no photo evidence of my attending the 42nd CMA Awards... but trust me, I was there.  :-D

Most interesting to me about being there in person -- and something I still think about when I watch the show each year are the politics of the standing ovations.  All of the stars sit on chairs on the floor while the fans/non-stars sit in the surrounding area seats.  As the night went on and standing ovations occurred, Jack and I started to be amused by the performers for whom the stars stood...

Darius Rucker -- Country music's token black guy
Kidd Rock -- the rocker turned country
Keith Urban -- an alcoholic who had sought rehab and now he was back

For all of these performers, the stars stood and the surrounding seats followed.

Then, came an introduction and performance I will never forget.  This was the year Carrie Underwood performed "This is Just a Dream" about the wife of a serviceman who is not coming home.  The song was introduced by the wife of a serviceman who died in the line of service.

When she finished the introduction it was the surrounding seats who burst to their feet and whistled and cheer for this heroic woman... and finally the stars followed.

I will attend the CMAs again -- I'd love to attend with my mom, my cousin and my aunt -- all of us HUGE country music fans, and never had we done anything just the four of us.  I think at some point the CMAs will be the ticket.
It is fun to have an award show that I can remember specific shows and where I was in life for those shows.  Last night was my first CMAs as a married woman!

Five years ago, I had just moved to Nashville, just graduated college, just had my heart broken and just begun a graduate program.

Five years, two masters degrees, two jobs, three apartments, one house (rental), one cat, one engagement, one wedding, one husband and one puppy later, I'm still enjoying the yearly CMAs.
I can't even IMAGINE the life changes between the 45th and 50th CMAs.

My favorite moments/performances from last night include:
HILARIOUS comedy to start the show 
"I hear voices" by Chris Young

"Remind Me" by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood
"I'm Gonna Love You Through It" by Martina McBride
(I couldn't find a clip of the CMA performance... so I included a performance from the Grand Ole Opry)

Just one critique, Country Music Stars -- I counted 10 awards presented -- and I counted 1 recipient thank God in their acceptance speech.  COME ON Country Stars.  If YOU do not acknowledge God's grace and provision and blessings, what music stars will?

Maybe next year, I'll pray for the recipients before the show to pray that they remember Who put them in the place of honor and Who has provided every opportunity for them.

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