Friday, November 4, 2011

Crafty Sign and Halloween Trick

As a shower gift, Chris' sister and brother-in-law gave us "vinyl wall art".  The they gave us is a beautiful wall attachment that says, "Goodnight my Love, goodnight my everything."

Chris and I really liked it, but we didn't want to attach it to a wall where we were living indefinitely.  So, this wall art became our first Crafty Home Project.

I wanted to find a decorative piece of wood where we could make the wall art like a plaque -- that way, when we move, the art can come with us.

We looked for some wood at Hobby Lobby and found nothing that would work for us.  Then, Chris was talking to his dad -- an awesome carpenter, and his dad said he could make us a piece of decorative wood, no problem!

After getting the piece of wood from him a few weeks ago, Chris and I spray painted the wood, then I painted the edges in a black trim.  Next, I adhered the vinyl letters to the plaque, and added brackets to the back so we could hang it.

Now, it's on our wall and I love it!

It is hanging on the wall across from our bed, and I'm going to add some pictures beneath it as soon as I get some more frames.

Lesson from the project:  Painter's tape is worth getting.  I went ahead and painted the trim without painter's tape -- because we didn't have any and I wanted to get the painting done.  Well, next time, I'll delay the painting and go get the painter's tape.  :-D

In other news, I just saw this Youtube clip on facebook and I find it half funny, half disturbing.  The disturbing part is the disrespect these kids show for their parents (Chris and I are in the stage of life where we are perfect parents and we're going to have perfect, respectful kids -- because we aren't parents and we don't have any kids yet)... the funny part is the drama of the kids' reactions and the last two kiddos on the clip.  The last two brothers are HILARIOUS!  The premise is, "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy."

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  1. Love the plaque. I think it looks great!


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