Sunday, November 6, 2011

Have You Ever Wondered?

Many thanks to Beach Bum & Baby and Mrs. Smith for providing the inspiration for today's blogging randomness.

Guilty pleasure?
Unfortunately, junk food/candy is such a guilty pleasure.  Its an on-going struggle.  Also, I would say good lousy Chinese food, Famous Dave's BBQ, and great New York Strip Steaks. 

I can't travel without?
I'm going to say keys... I can't travel a far distance without a book, and usually my phone, etc -- but I can't even leave the house without some degree of key(s) -- or maybe shoes.

Recent splurge?
Chris and I just made purchases to prepare our house for Thanksgiving yesterday -- a guest bed, guest mattress and box-springs, dining room table, China hutch and tv stand.  That was quite a "splurge" -- we knew it was coming... but a pricey splurge nonetheless.

My go-to flower?
Roses and daisies in combination -- I feel this is a completely untapped resource in the floral world

In bulk, I buy?
Dog and cat food

I sleep on?
A queen-sized bed with green sheets and a duvet comforter (wedding presents) -- with one puppy, one kitty and one hubby

Comfort food?
Depends on the day -- chili, soup, breads, fries, ice cream, Reese' Fast break candy bars... so many :-(

For breakfast?
Shakeology -- healthiest meal of the day!

For dinner?
These days I'm trying to have mostly veggies -- but Chris and I love to cook dinner and try new recipes... fish and veggies are great!

Love/hate relationship with?
Cleaning/Dishes/Laundry -- I love having these things done, and sometimes I love doing them -- other times they feel like an ENDLESS process... just as you finish, you start again!

Can't stop watching?
Grey's Anatomy reruns for some reason -- and Man, Woman, Wild on Discovery!

Best online shopping find?
Hmmm... I don't do a lot of bargain online shopping... but I did find a University of Michigan collar and leash for Lloyd (our puppy named after Michigan coach, Lloyd Carr).  Also, I love the University of Michigan hair clips I got from Kelly's online store.

Crushing on?
My hubby!

Every girl should have?
A dress she can throw on at a moment's notice that she looks and feels great in.  One that she can dress up or dress down with a simple switch of shoes, purse and jewelry.

My style in five words?
Dressing for the job I want (six words)

I love wearing?
Layers and comfy pajamas -- they keep me warm!

Dream job?
Stay-at-home wife and mother, and working as a beachbody consultant, contract baker and contract harpist from home...

Be sure to comment if you're going to blog this, too, so I can check out your post!
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  1. Thanks for visiting! Your blog is so interesting, I'm going to follow you so I can see what other newlyweds write about haha :)
    I loved the "on puppy, one kitty and one hubby" haha :)

  2. Girl, I totally believe in the "Dress for the job you want" strategy. I work in a very casual office, but I never take advantage of it so I can be taken as seriously as I want to be taken.


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