Monday, November 21, 2011

Images of the Weekend with Mom and Dad

This past weekend was wonderful.
My parents arrived from Michigan and it was their first time visiting Hubby and me in our first house together as husband and wife.  It was a wonderful, wonderful weekend of productivity and relaxing, of parents and animals, of football and fun.

Enjoy the pictures I snapped on my phone (so poor quality) -- my hubby had the camera because he was hunting and hoped to get pictures of a great elk for our Thanksgiving table, but the only picture I've seen so far was this one snapped on his phone:

Here are images of our weekend.  It was such a precious time!
Lloyd exploring snow for the first time!
I made home-made Chili for lunch!
Great for a snowy day of football

I am loving our dish-warmer as the weather is colder
Daddy having coffee, petting Lexie and Lloyd is jealous!
I made my grandmother's recipe for Cranberry Sorbet
that is now in the freezer until Thanksgiving dinner.
Our China Cabinet is now a well-stocked bar -- not
that Chris and I are big drinkers, but we want to be
able to accommodate our guests.
Lexie and Lloyd remain at odds, as so aptly captured here
Mom relaxing on her computer at our dining room table
I saw Lexie more this weekend than I have in weeks...
she was really happy to see her "Gammy and Papa"
Here my hubby hunter is in from a snowy day,
and I am in comfy, relaxing, Saturday, football clothes!
My Momma with Chris!
Snow covering outside and we were cozy inside!
What a sweetheart!
Lloyd has his toy at my dad's feet.
My parents relaxing with Lexie on their laps
(really hard to see)
How was your weekend?

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