Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's America!

I went skiing yesterday -- the first day skiing of the season and it felt WONDERFUL!

Vail is where I grew up.  Not officially, as I grew up in Michigan, but we came to Vail EVERY YEAR and we VACATIONED here every year.

Vail is a place where my family has always related in a different way than we do anywhere else.  This is a special place for us and I felt all of that today on the mountain.

The first day of skiing is not always great -- not many runs are open and the snow is not great... but when I'm on skis for the first time in seven months and it feels WONDERFUL.

As I was skiing, I was listening to music, and "It's America" came on my ipod.  What a perfect song for the week of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is such an American holiday.  A celebration of American work ethic, American faith, American family, American tenacity, American strength, American love, and American values.  I found special meaning listening to this song the week of Thanksgiving.


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