Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dream Wedding: Pre-Pictures

Before our beautiful wedding, first, we took pictures.

For whatever reason, my most stressful time on the wedding day were in these pre-wedding sanctuary pictures.  I kept asking people to make me laugh... and the people would kind of laugh, themselves.

Then I would say through clenched teeth, in between shots, "SERIOUSLY guys, I NEED TO LAUGH!  SOMEONE make me laugh!"
The photographer told us to SMILE REALLY BIG and then
relax it... this was a really big smile with my mom!
My mom did her best to make me laugh by whispering in my ear that she folded Chris' underwear that morning (he did a load of clothes at my parents that he needed cleaned before the honeymoon).
Laughing with my parents
More composed
Finally someone made us laugh!
My maid of honor, Kelley
My friend, Meghan was the BEST at making me laugh
This is my favorite picture with these amazing girls
L-R: Becky, Chris' sister, Liz, my cousin, me, Kelley, best friend,
sorority sis and Christian sis, Meghan, friend and Christian sis

Meghan was best at making me laugh... and then the groomsmen came in and they did their best as well.
He pledges allegiance to Chris and Brooke
Best man, Chris' bro
Very genuine smile from the guys antics
Trent is showing Daniel how to show Michigan on your hand
and Nick is using Jonathan to get things out of his teeth

Meanwhile, when the guys were trying to get pictures in the sanctuary, Chris kept getting phone calls from his dad who was lost on the way to the church.

Most handsome man, my hubby!

Chris and his bro, Best man, Nick
L-R: Jon, Chris' friend, Daniel, Chris' bro-in-law, Chris (Hubby)
Trent, my bro, Nick, Chris' bro and best man
Trying to give his Dad directions

Great looking men!
Chris and his mom... because his Dad
is still lost!
 And after all the pictures, my usher was there to open the door for me to go back into the Church Parlor until the BIG appearance...
I remember how important and honored I felt
that Obinna was there, waiting for me, ready
to open the door...

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  1. great pictures! I can definitely believe that Meghan was the best at making you laugh! I still remember her laughing all the way down the isle at her own wedding! haha


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