Friday, May 6, 2011

Week In Review: May 6

This week has been a great one! For others' updates on their weeks, visit Filled With Praise.


This week, I'd have to say my Low was getting food poisoning last night. It was a really fun time (I finished my first mini tour at Old Chicago - which is so not a big deal except that it took me about a year to accumulate 10 beers, and so finishing a mini tour in the time limit of the mini tour is a fun accomplishment). The nearest Old Chicago is 60 miles away and so a friend and I drove the trek over the pass to have dinner and so I could get my last drink on the tour and come away with a tee-shirt.

Chris actually drove up and surprised us while at dinner (much more than 60 miles!!!) and I felt like the most loved girl in the world... until my dinner started to settle and I've been pretty sick ever since. This is my first experience with food poisoning and I've got to say, I'm not a fan.


Chris and I went to St. Louis last weekend for a Bridal Shower with Chris' family and my mom flew down from Michigan to enjoy the fun as well. We had a BLAST! Below are some pictures form the weekend:

Mom and Chris at Ted Drew's Frozen Custard Stand -- If ever you're in St. Louis, Ted Drew's is a must!

The theme of the bridal shower was THE HONEYMOON (which no one told me until we got there) so all of the food had a tag from either Italy, Greece or Turkey... Have I mentioned that we are taking a Mediterranean Cruise for our honeymoon? We are SOOO excited!

Chris' siblings organized a hilarious TO-BE-WED Game (a spoof of the Newly Wed Game) where each of them asked Chris and me 10 questions separately and then they asked the other of us the questions in front of the group. Of the 20 questions, we answered 17 correctly (as in, when asked in public, I gave the same answer Chris had answered in private... does that make sense?)

It was a LOT of fun and his siblings agreed that we knew each other well enough to get married.

There was a beautiful cake there...
So Chris and I practiced cutting the cake together and feeding each other...

We received some wonderful presents...

For this gift, his aunt specifically told Chris to open it... she said she saw some tools on our registry, so this was a gift for Chris to open...

There were NOT tools in the gift bag, rather female lingerie!
It was really funny, and a tad embarrassing.

Chris' parents gave us BEAUTIFUL luggage for our trip

A fun sun hat from Chris' sister and brother-in-law for lounging on the cruise deck!

... and some more lingerie.

I will say, it does make us pretty excited for the honeymoon!

Here is my mom with the favor she got to take home from the shower:

"Love Grows Here"

Only 50 days until we get married... we are SOOOO excited!

This week's lesson for me came from a sentence in my book-on-tape about staying grateful:
"One step at a time, and be grateful."

I am remembering these wise words in all areas of my life -- wedding preparations, teaching, end-of-the-year issues, packing my apartment to move everything into a storage unit, encouraging Chris in his last week of grad school, personal changes I'm feeling led to make...

One Step at a Time, and Be Grateful.

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  1. Oh I loved reading about your shower. It looked like so much fun and you got some great gifts. I so excited for you two and your upcoming marriage!


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