Monday, May 9, 2011

Exploring The Vows of Marriage: A Match Made in Heaven

A few years ago, my mom loaned me a book called A Match Made in Heaven: A Collection of Inspirational Love Stories by Susan Wales & Ann Platz.

This book contains two volumes of romantic stories about men and women God has brought together in marriage. Each volume is broken into the following chapters:
  • Divine Appointment
  • The Moment We Met
  • Will You Marry Me?
  • With This Ring
  • I Thee Wed
  • To Have and to Hold
  • From This Day Forward
  • To Love, Honor, and Cherish
  • For Better, for Worse
  • For Richer, for Poorer
  • In Sickness and in Health
  • As Long As We Both Shall Live
Within each chapter of the above titles are short stories about couples pertaining to that subject. At the beginning of every chapter, the authors have written a brief description of the vow, or a poem pertaining to the vow... it's hard to explain, but every chapter begins with a beautiful description of the vows of marriage broken into those small phrases and examined.

It has been on my heart as I'm preparing to become Chris' wife to re-visit each of these descriptions of the vows, and then share them in the blog world. Not only will it hold me to the accountability of re-reading these beautiful descriptions, but by re-typing them, I will be studying them more, and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have and be as inspired as I've been by their content.

I won't be doing these Vows of Marriage posts on a specific day of the week, but as time allows, with the goal of having all of them done as soon as possible or before the wedding, whichever is feasible.

Behold my first attempt at any type of a blog button (thank you sites 1, & 2):

Stay tuned for The Vows of Marriage posts.

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