Monday, May 16, 2011


Once upon a time, in a place called Lexington, Virginia, at a school called Washington and Lee University, a student named Kierstin posed a new idea to the student Christian organization:

What if we had a place where students met for prayer Monday-Thursday, for 10 minutes at 10:00pm?

Most students were still on campus studying at that time, or about ready to wrap up studying and head home... or ready for a break from what might be an all-night of studying. How could the Lord work on our campus if students came together for 10 minutes of prayer four nights a week?

10@10 was created and continued on campus at least for the next three years that I'm aware...

How many times does God use a person to plant a seed... and that person has no idea what happens to that plant in the aftermath of planting? What Kierstin doesn't know is that 10@10 lives on still... in at least one household...

Last summer, I attended a service and the minister asked the congregation to think about a time in their life they felt close to the heart of God, and more in tune with His purpose in our life. Then ask yourself what things were happening then that are not happening now, and maybe pray about implementing those old habits as a way to come back to a place of closer fellowship.

When I pondered this question, I thought of my years at W&L and how different my Christian fellowship was as a student than it is now. Then I approached my roommates about how they would feel about beginning a household 10@10. We were all Christian women and had prayed together when one of us had a particularly stressful and emotional or joyful situation, but we were not carrying each others burdens daily by any means. Now 10@10 is a regular part of our week night routine.

Some nights we meet later, and some nights we can barely keep our eyes open at 9, and so we move prayer to be earlier... and is a RARELY only 10 minutes (more like 20@10) but it has created such a beautiful fellowship between the roommates and it has been such a joy to watch God move in each others lives throughout these months.

I often thank God that Kierstin answered His call 6.5 years ago and initiated 10@10.

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