Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Prayer that Never Fails

Lately, I have been thoroughly enjoying the Mitford Series on tape as I am ending my school year, and generally doing everything else required in this hectic season of life.I am loving these books about Father Tim and his little Mitford parish, although, I just started listening to the book where he has retired and has agreed to be the interim pastor in another little town, so I'm not sure what changes are in store.

Father Tim is such a lovable character and such a wonderful example of Micah 6:8 (And what does the Lord require of you, to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.) It was Father Tim who spoke the words that inspired my post and new philosophy, One Step at a Time, and Be Grateful.

Over this weekend, as I listened to the book, he kept saying that he prayed, "the prayer that never fails". He never specified his prayer, but he said it enough times that I was really curious of what Father Tim considered the prayer that never fails. A few possibilities went through my head including The Lord's Prayer, and The Serenity Prayer.

At the end of the book, a character in despair shared that the only words he could say were, "Thy Will be done. Thy Will be done." The only words he could pray were "Thy Will be done." That's when Father Tim responds, "That is the prayer that never fails."

How simple. Four words and yet, I would argue, when put together, one of the most powerful sentences ever uttered. Thy Will be done. What a word in season for me as I am working to wrap up a season of my life in Colorado and open the door to a completely new season and new role for my life. As we remain in prayer about our jobs and location for next year and as two families become united into one, Thy Will Be Done. This prayer should be on my lips with every anxiety in my heart and worry on my mind these days.

The Prayer that NEVER FAILS... Thy Will Be Done.

Thanks be to God.

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