Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Just as I felt like I was beginning to prepare for the idea of life with a toddler and two infants without my parents here (as they will leave in a few days)... we were hit with a stomach bug.  Tracey Ann was sick all of Friday night, I was sick all of Saturday night, and Hubby was sick all of Sunday night.

Thankfully we seem to all be on the mend and thankfully my parents and the twins seem to have been spared.

All that to say, blogging has not happened lately... and even this post will not be long as other responsibilities are beckoning.

We now have one two year old...

and two one month olds...

And I must say the verdict is still out on which is more challenging to attend... the one two-year-old or the two one-month-olds.

I will be doing some blog posts soon (hopefully very soon) on what our wonderful two-year-old is up to, and what our two one-month-olds are up to... but for now, I will just share with you a few pictures of life from the past few weeks:

** Side note -- its apparently really hard to get a picture of two babies together looking as cute and sweet and adorable as they actually are... they don't seem to photograph as cute and happy as they really are

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