Monday, February 22, 2016

Either Or

I'm getting the hang of motherhood with twins... but, unfortunately, my days seem to be Either Or.

Either I am a good mother to Tracey Ann, Or I am a good mother to the twins...

I don't seem to be able to be both in one day yet.

Throw a good wife in there... and its Either Or Or.

Either I am a good mother to Tracey Ann, Or I am a good mother to the twins, Or I am a good wife to my hubby...

Thankfully, I get a new chance to try at all three every day -- good mother, good mother, good wife.  Or, at least BETTER mother, Better mother, Better wife.  Better than yesterday.

Every day, I get to love all four of my blessings (toddler, twins, and Hubby) and be better at taking care of all four every day.  Some days, loving them means being the disciplinarian or the "mean" parent... but every day I get to try to be better at taking care of the whole crew well, instead of only doing well at caring for Either Tracey Ann Or Howard and Caroline Or Hubby.

I think it is becoming a lifelong goal to do well caring for all my blessings in one day. 

P.S. Yesterday Caroline smiled at me... well, either at me or the ceiling fan directly behind my head.  :-D

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