Sunday, February 14, 2016


I have been taken out of commission for the past few days... completely out of commission by an evil illness called Mastitis.

I. have. been. miserable.

Also, I've been thinking about this blog and wanting to maintain posting but also realizing my new responsibilities... and truthfully, I am realizing how little of the last six weeks I remember.

So, when I am not able to do a thoughtful post (aka probably the majority of the time), I will post a daily photo.  I will try to take a daily photo, and then post a daily photo.  This will, hopefully help me remember what I'm doing these days and what life is like during this time of transition.

Daily photo:

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day.  
Apparently today is Valentine's Day.

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  1. I feel your pain! I have had it 4 times (all within the first 3 months) with Sullivan. Mastitis is pretty awful! The ibuprofen helps greatly to take down swelling and speed up recovery. I now take lecithin 4 times daily as a preventive and once a week, still get a clog in that breast. Hang in there, and feel better!


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