Thursday, February 4, 2016


Our little Caroline is such a cutie and such an easygoing sweetheart.

Last night she had a very messy diaper that did not stay in her diaper -- it was the worst messy diaper, not in the diaper, situation that any of our children have ever had.

A bath needed to be had IMMEDIATELY.

Of course, this happened at the same time that Howard was ready to have a little extra bottle of breastmilk and Tracey Ann had been put to bed... but hadn't settled down in bed.

It ended up that Caroline hung out on the changing table with a blanket for the time it took for me to settle the other two kiddos -- or rather, make sure other adults were assigned to settle the other two kiddos, and then I gave Caroline a bath in our bathroom sink.

She was the most easy-going baby.  She didn't mind that she had to chill on the changing table and wait a minute to get cleaned up.  She also didn't mind her little bathroom sink bathtub.

She is such an easy-going little sweetheart... which is so nice because Tracey Ann and Howard each have their own vein of not an easy-going nature.

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