Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Little More...

Ever since my parents left, I have tried to keep an overall goal of A LITTLE MORE.

In very baby steps, each day I try to do a little more.

The first few days I was home alone with all three children, the goal was to keep everyone alive.

Next, my goal was to keep everyone alive and fed (myself, and the animals included).

A few days later, I tried to keep everyone alive, fed, and do one load of laundry.

The next day, the goal was to keep everyone alive, fed, one load of laundry, and load the dishwasher.


And so it goes life building on itself and attempting to do a little more every day.

Adding dishes,
Adding laundry,
Adding cleaning
Adding time outside,
Adding reading time,
Adding exercise,
Adding clothe diapers,
Adding potty training,
Adding homemaking,
Adding making dinners,
Adding unpacking the house,
Adding organizing


Slowly but surely I'll get the hang of keeping everyone alive AND doing necessary chores by doing a little more every day.

Daily photo:

This is what I got when I tried to take a picture of Caroline's tongue...


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