Saturday, February 6, 2016


My parents have been in Colorado for two and a half months.  My parents have been living in our home for two months.  They have been here every day -- my mom has been doing laundry and cooking meals and washing dishes and running the vacuum cleaner.  My dad has been been shoveling the sidewalk, driveway, and back porch.

For November and December, they spent every day with their only granddaughter, Tracey Ann, loving her and getting to know her better than ever before.
Then, in January, they got two new grandchildren -- a boy and a girl and they spent this past month getting to know each of them firsthand and intimately caring for our newborns in a way only those living with babies can do.

Now, they have headed home... and life with our three children is about a to get very real.  Hubby and I will be operating without a safety net.  We will miss the help... but, really, we will miss their daily investment in the lives of their grandchildren.

Come back soon, Grammie and Papa.


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