Monday, February 15, 2016

Special Cousins

Last week, my cousin and her husband, Elizabeth and Tommy came to visit and meet our twins.  The last time I saw Elizabeth was about six weeks after Tracey Ann was born and it was wonderful to see them again.

Elizabeth is the closet thing I have to a sibling with whom I grew up... and we have certainly gone our separate ways in life -- she and Tommy own an equestrian business in New York and Florida with no children yet, and Hubby and I are in education in Colorado with three children.

We know where each other came from.  We know the family dynamics in which we each were raised.  We remember each other through childhood, adolescence, college, and beyond.  In a nutshell, we go way back.

It means so much to us that they came all the way out to Rifle to meet our two new babies... and that they were the first of any extended family besides our parents to make the trip.  It was great to see them.

 With twins it really is hard to take pictures when company is or is not here... so most of the pictures from when they were here are pictures Elizabeth took...
They came with presents from themselves and from Elizabeth's parents for all the kids including the headband Tracey Ann was wearing and the white bears (the red dress was a present from Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Tommy from Christmas).

 Here were the pictures when she came to meet Tracey Ann:

Daily picture:
Happiness while enjoying a pink Valentine's Day cupcake


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