Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mountain Living

Hubby and I love living in the mountains... the good, the bad, the ugly... the beautiful, the inconvenient, the isolated, and the excitement.

Our main line to all civilization out here is Interstate 70.  It is a main interstate... but its also like our Main Steet connecting towns.  We cannot get to church, the doctor, friends' houses, or different work obligations without traveling on or along I-70.

If we want to travel any great distance to a big city, I-70 is our most direct route.
But, mountain living has its adventures, and I-70 has been closed through Glenwood Canyon for nearly a week due, first to large boulders crashing onto the interstate... and then due to a rock slide caused by said boulders.

Its a little fun to sort of closed off from the world... for the time being -- to know that if we needed to go to Denver, or Eagle, we would have to drive a four hour detour.  But, we're also very fortunate that we live in a day an age of planes and trains in that our grocery stores are not running out of food and our mail can still be delivered.  Once upon a time, when a rockslide closed the canyon, all resources and lines of communication stopped until the canyon could be open again.

Praise God that no one was hurt in the rock slides, and prayers for safety for the road crews working to restore the interstate to working order as soon as possible. 

Daily photos:

When your twins take over your side of the bed...

... but they look so adorable!

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