Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I See You

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine peered into the backseat of my van to see the twins for the first time and say hello to Tracey Ann.  She was looking at Caroline and said, "I see you,"... but I didn't know she was looking at Caroline, I thought she was looking at all three children.

In my postpartum introspection, I thought she was looking in my backseat and saying, generally, "I see you."

As in... I see you in this backseat.  I see you in these children.

That is when it hit me -- I have three children.  I am in these children.

In my backseat, in three individual beings, sits Chris and my DNA combined.  In my backseat sits Chris and me in the form of three children that we created together.

People have been looking for immortality and the fountain of youth for centuries... in that moment, I found the answer.

I am immortal through my children.

For better or worse, I live on in these children.
For better or worse, these children are in my care and I have the ability to influence who they become.

Mothers are fond of saying that being a mother involves having your heart walk around outside your body... but my children are more than my heart.  
My children are me -- all of me. 

How humbling is it that I will live on after I'm gone.  I will live forever because I am in these children?

Daily picture(s):

This is how we roll when Tracey is sick...


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