Saturday, January 30, 2016

Consistent Quality Time

My parents have been here since shortly after Thanksgiving -- initially helping with Tracey Ann and household chores through the end of my pregnancy, and, for nearly the past month, helping with children and household chores since Howard and Tracey Ann were born.

Although I know living with their daughter and son-in-law and caring for three children under two for three months have been an adjustment, to say the least, they have kept a wonderful perspective of what a precious gift this time with their grandchildren has been.  Tracey Ann only sees them a few times a year, but now has a stronger relationship with both of them every day.  While Howard and Caroline will not remember first-hand the love and care that their grandparents devoted to them in these early weeks, my parents are spending time holding them, cherishing them, and getting to know them each -- and they are two individuals to be sure.

All that to say, with the consistent quality time we are spending together, there have been some very precious moments that we've been able to share.

Last night for example, everyone except Hubby ended up in my parents room for about 30 minutes.  Papa was watching the news and I went in to ask him to hold Howard for a few minutes to tide him over while I nursed Caroline.  While he was getting situated, Tracey Ann wandered into their room... and it just happened that everyone hung out in Grammie and Papa's room.

For about twenty minutes, I was nursing either Howard or Caroline while either my mom or dad held the other twin, and Tracey Ann was playing on their bed.  She realized that she couldn't quite climb up on their bed by herself so she kept asking my dad to lift her on the bed... then she would climb down by herself and immediately ask to be lifted up again.  "Up Papa,"  "Thank you Papa,"  "More Papa," along with her giggles as Papa lifted her up and she climbed down were the sweetest sounds.

Within a few minutes, I was nursing Howard, Papa was holding Caroline and Grammie and Tracey Ann were reading a story together on the bed.

When my parents leave, I will definitely miss the help... but I will really miss the consistent quality time my children (and Hubby and I) are getting with my parents.

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