Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our Grown Up Baby Girl

Our baby girl... our first baby girl, is becoming so grown up.

She and I had some special time together yesterday and it was SUCH a blast!  First we visited her new preschool that she is starting soon, and she did not want to leave.  She made herself at home with the different activities and was such a sweet heart.  At one point, she tripped and fell near another little girl -- she landed maybe a foot away from her, so no one was hurt, but Tracey Ann jumped up, and looked at the little girl and said, "Excuse me.  Sorry."

After our time visiting her new preschool, she and I went to a "Parent and Me" toddler dance class that is offered for from here in Rifle.  She and I have never been able to attend because it is on Tuesdays and I work on Tuesdays, but it was awesome!  There were specific activities designed for toddlers and parents including a balance beam, tumbling mats, an obstacle course, musical instruments and more.  Tracey Ann had so much fun and I had so much fun with her.

I can't believe how grown up our first baby girl is.  She is going to be two years old in a just a few days.

I will try to do an update in a few days about all that she is doing at age two... but my goodness, she is adorable.

She speaks in full sentences, she repeats everything we say, and then puts her own adorable little twist on it.  She knows how we say prayer, she calls out when she hears one of the babies crying, "Hurry, he's crying!!!" and then runs over to where the babies are sleeping.

She brings us more joy than we ever knew existed and we are so honored to be her parents.

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