Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Value Of a Minute

Since our precious twins came home from the hospital, I am progressively learning the value of a minute.

One minute... a full sixty seconds... there is incredible value to a minute.

We are still figuring out feeding schedules with Howard and Caroline, and sometimes I have fifteen or twenty minutes between feedings.  Oh, those fifteen minutes are precious.  At one point in my life, I would have thought that a mere fifteen minutes to nap would not be worth it -- as soon as I fall asleep it would be time to awaken again... but now, oh, yes please sign me up for a delightful fifteen minutes of sleep!

Before the twins, when Hubby and I would watch a television show together, one of us might be getting tired as the show was coming to an end -- maybe the show had ten or fifteen minutes remaining and we would think, "Oh, its only ten minutes... I can stay awake for the end."  Now, first of all, we only watch shows together while we are up with a late night feeding, and we usually have to rewind the same scenes of a show over and over because one of us was accidentally snoozing while we were watching a show... but if we finish up with the feeding before the show ends the television goes OFF regardless of how many minutes is left to the show.  Even two minutes remaining of a show is not worth the two minutes we could be sleeping instead.

One reason my blog posts have started to have less and less quality each day is because, at the end of the day, I want to spend those precious moments sleeping instead of writing a blog. 

I don't relax and simply hold one of our twins very often.  Between the nursing schedule, pumping, trying to accomplish some household tasks, and the demands of Tracey Ann, I will rarely burp Howard or Caroline or just hold them while they sleep.  The minutes I do find myself cuddling one or both of them are incredibly valuable.

I am learning that a mere minute has tremendous value.

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