Friday, January 15, 2016

Great Feelings

Our beautiful twins are two weeks old today, which is just crazy to think about...

Two weeks postpartum, there are a few great feelings I want to remember:
  • It feels absolutely heavenly to lay flat on my back
  • It feels equally amazing to lay flat on my stomach -- even better when I'm receiving a back rub while laying flat on my stomach
  • I love being able to pick up Tracey Ann and swing her around and hug her tightly... as opposed to very gingerly picking her up and putting her down again immediately after
  • It is wonderful to be able to touch my toes
  • I love being able to go longer than fifteen minutes without needing to use the restroom
  • It is wonderful to be able to turn my head, rotate my core, and look over my shoulder without a gigantic watermelon in my stomach
  • I love that our King Size bed feels enormous again... it felt very small for many months when I was as large as a house and I slept with a huge body pillow
  • I love that I can snuggle up next to my husband again
  • I love that I walk and not waddle... and I can walk briskly, even jog if I needed to.
  • I love that Tracey Ann can climb on my body and sit on my lap again
 I know there are more amazing things I have been feeling lately, but those are the ones I can remember right now.
Being pregnant is an amazing experiences... and being pregnancy with twins was truly extraordinary -- possibly one in a lifetime... but just as extraordinary and amazing is how quickly the body rebounds and the appreciation I have for the feelings and physical capabilities of not being pregnant.

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