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Howard James Miller and Caroline Christine Miller.

Born January 1, 2016, Howard (6lb 9oz) at 8:41am and Caroline (6lb 0oz) at 8:46am, these were the first two babies born in our Valley in 2016.  Mother and babies are doing very well and hope to be home soon.

Here are some fun details:

The Miller twins couldn’t wait to greet the New Year and were born at 8:41am and 8:46am.  Parents Chris and Brooke Miller, of Rifle, arrived at Valley View hospital around 3:00am when Brooke was in early labor.  Once checked in, things progressed quickly and with some notable excitement.  When dialated to 7.5 cm, in active labor, the fire alarm began to squawk.  Reassured by the hospital staff that there was no imminent danger or need to evacuate, labor quickly progressed to 9.5cm when Brooke was preparing to push. 

Standard hospital policy for delivery of twins is for a mother to deliver in the Operating Room just in case an emergency arises.  However, when the labor and delivery staff reported to the operating room to prepare for the Miller delivery, they discovered the reason for the fire alarm – not a fire, but a flood.  A water main had broken in the hospital and the operating room was flooding.  These New Year twins would be birthed in the labor and delivery room.

Instructors of The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth, Brooke and Chris were very hopeful to labor and birth their twins naturally without medication or an epidural.  Both twins were in an excellent position for a natural vaginal delivery, and Obstetrician, Dr. Katie Mang-Smith of Women’s Health and Associates assessed the situation and was able to honor the couples’ desires for a natural, unmedicated delivery.  For many of the nurses present, this was the first twin delivery without an epidural they had ever seen.

Brooke and Chris did not know the gender of either twin before delivery and with great joy, at 8:41am, father Chris announced to the room “It’s a Boy!” followed five minutes later at 8:46am with, “It’s a Girl!”

Howard James Miller (6lbs, 9oz, 20inches long) and Caroline Christine Miller (6lbs, 0oz, 18.5inches long) were healthy, happy, and, to their parents’ delight, here in time for the Michigan Wolverine’s kickoff in the College Football Citrus Bowl, which occurred later that morning.

Howard and Caroline will join big sister, Tracey Ann, who will be two years old later this month, at the Millers’ Rifle home in a few days.  Although their parents missed the 2015 tax deduction, Howard and Caroline were the grateful recipients of a lovely gift box from Valley View Hospital and Women’s Health.  Brooke and Chris remain incredibly thankful to the exceptional staff at Valley View Hospital and Women’s Health and Associates for their wonderful New Year delivery experience.

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  1. A boy and a girl!! How wonderful! What a great start to 2016! I am so thankful to hear all is well! You have been in my prayers over the last few weeks! xo


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