Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Best Things

I am not the first to say it... and yet it is not a cliche...
in my experience, I have come to find that the best things in life are not easy.

My marriage is one of the absolute best things in my life -- that does not mean our marriage is easy.  Sometimes it is -- sometimes we are a well-oiled machine.  Sometimes our marriage is more difficult, and it always takes work and effort on both of our parts.

Motherhood is the other absolute best things in my life... that does not mean that motherhood is easy.  Motherhood wasn't easy when I had one child -- and now, with three -- two newborns and one toddler, three children in less than two years, motherhood still is not easy.  It is joyful, wonderful, hilarious, heart-warming and more... it is not easy.

I have to keep reminding myself of this truth... that the best things in life are not easy as I see Tracey Ann adjusting to her brother and sister.  Now, thus far, she is actually doing very well with the babies and does not seem to have any anger or dislike for them.  It is clear she is adjusting to all the new commotion at our home, but she, so far (Praise God) has not seemed to be in any way angry or jealous of the babies.

The truth is, I fervently hope, and sincerely believe that having siblings will be one of the best things in her life.  Giving her siblings is one of the greatest gifts I, as her mother, can give her.  That does not mean having twin younger siblings will be easy for her -- now, or anytime in the next 10-20 years... but the best things in life are not easy.

I truly hope, pray and believe, these siblings will be two of the best things in Tracey Ann's life.

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