Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mothers' Day Review: STORMp3

Life as we head toward our first Mothers' Day where I'm a mother
 My husband is wonderful.  He loves to make me happy, which is such a blessing to us both.  :-D  He loves nothing more than surprising me and seeing me smile.  He truly is the best husband in the world.

That being said, he is a technology man -- he is all about technology and gadgets.  I am NOT all about technology and gadgets.  For that reason, the fact that he gives me technology for every. single. occasion. is a little bit of a sore spot in our marriage.  You name it -- birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day... his gift to me is some form of technology.

This is not to say that they have not been lovely gifts because they have been, and some were things I needed, and some were things I wanted... but some were things that my Hubby thought I needed or wanted.

Cue the ironic music as I now review a potential Mothers' Day gift, which is technology... and is really awesome.

As a new mom pretty much the only time I get to myself each day is when I take a shower.  I haven't taken a bath since my first week home from the hospital, because I cannot justify that much time being spent alone and by myself at the moment.  There is always something to be done... and if there is nothing to be done... then its time I want to spend with Tracey Ann. 

One thing I do enjoy each day, which Hubby spends time with Tracey Ann while I'm enjoying is a hot shower.  When I'm in the shower, I am "off-duty"... and since I'm "off-duty," and I don't need to listen for Tracey Ann crying, a shower stereo system is perfect!

The STORMp3 is a shower stereo system with better speakers and sound than our vehicles have.  It plugged into my computer, I transferred my favorite songs over from iTunes, and then, BAM, my STORMp3 was ready for use.

It is water-resistant so that the shower steam and wet hands pushing the buttons does not damage it.  It is not water-proof, so it cannot fall in a bathtub, but the moisture from a shower does not harm it.

If you are a mom with a tech-obsessed husband, you might want to steer him toward the STORMp3 this Mothers' Day for the following reasons:
  1. He will be happy with the new gadget in the house
  2. It is SO easy, that you don't have to be tech-obsessed to make it work
  3. It is a tech gift that really can contribute to a mom's relaxation (making her shower or bath -- already intended to be a relaxing time -- even more relaxing by the addition of music through a great sound system) amidst her busy life as a mom
  4. It will last much longer than the flowers you were probably going to get her
Check out the STORMp3 from ToiletTree Products for this and other Mothers' Day ideas... Even my tech-obsessed Hubby thinks its awesome!

*Disclaimer: I was given a free STORMp3 from ToiletTree Products for my honest review of the STORMp3 product.

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