Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Thus far nothing has snapped my priorities so quickly in line than the birth of my daughter.

Of course, the grown-up priorities you would expect came forward -- Hubby and I discuss the big issues of where we want to raise our family, how are we going to instill Godly, family-oriented, and patriotic values in our children, and more...

But what I didn't expect was how suddenly protective I would become of my time with my family -- both my time with Tracey Ann and my time with Hubby.

This past Sunday afternoon, there was quite the "To-Do" list on my plate... all the homemaking tasks I have let fall to my wonderful mother while she's visiting, and the work-related tasks that I would normally do on a Sunday afternoon to prepare for the week ahead.

With Tracey Ann asleep in her swing, Hubby and I just rested together.  We sat at each end of the couch, facing each other, with our feet up towards each other, and enjoyed an hour together.  We shared a blanket over our feet, and Hubby watched a playoff hockey game (** We NEVER watch hockey... in the nearly 3 years we've been married, and 4.5 years of knowing each other neither one of us as ever watched a pro hockey game on tv -- but St. Louis was playing, and Hubby wanted to cheer them on **) and I read a book.

It was such a wonderful time of just resting together as a family, recharging for the week ahead -- and believe me, we need all the charge we can get for these final weeks of the school year.

While I used to easily log 60 or more hours/week devoted to my job -- not because it is required, but in order to be excellent at my job.  Now, I still strive for excellence at my work... but in order to strive for excellence as a wife and mother, I have to be very protective about prioritizing time with my family.

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