Friday, April 11, 2014

Asleep in the Boat

In college, the minister of the church where I worshipped, Chap, preached a sermon one Sunday that stuck with me long-term.

Matthew 8, Luke 8, and Mark 4 all tell the story about Jesus out in a boat with his disciples.  While they were at sea, Jesus fell asleep.  While he was sleeping a fierce storm came up, and water began swamping the boat and the disciples (many of whom were fishermen -- very familiar with boats and the sea) were so afraid that they awoke Jesus.  Jesus spoke to the wind and the waves, and immediately the storm ceased.

Then, He turned to the disciples and scolded them for not having faith.

Chap's sermon talked about the fact that the disciples did exactly what was, as Christ-followers, are taught to do -- they called out to Jesus when they were afraid... and yet Jesus scolded them for having so little faith.

Chap said that, if the disciple's faith had been stronger, instead of crying out to Jesus, they would have pulled up a pillow and peacefully fallen asleep right next to Him.  Chap said that in the storms of life, the only place he wants to be is asleep in the boat, right next to Jesus.

I want to have a great faith.  I want a life full of trials and tribulations that consistently and repeatedly provide me with testimonies of God's faithfulness, wisdom, protection, and provision.  I want to teach my children about strong faith through an example of my own -- but sleeping in the boat is a really hard place to be.

Hubby and I are praying like crazy about life next year -- we are considering many options -- everything from staying exactly where we are with the jobs we currently have, to moving over seas with one of us working -- and everything in between...

I am calling out to Jesus passionately, and often... but the best place for me to be is asleep in the boat.

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