Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Critters

Our critters are adjusting to Tracey Ann.

I would say that they thought she was a novelty for the first week... then they were ready for us to return her where ever she came from... now, I think they are finally adjusting to our new family.

Below are some pictures we have taken in the past 9 weeks of our critters and Tracey Ann.

Our first baby girl, Lexie, has been the slowest to warm up.

First she observed...


Then she investigated...

Then, she started to explore where she fit in this new dynamic.  She let us know when she wanted to cuddle, and didn't let the presence of Tracey Ann deter her.

And finally, she is starting to bond with Tracey Ann in her own way -- can you find her in the below picture?

Also, some of her toys are fun...

Our puppy, Lloyd, has welcomed Tracey Ann almost whole-heartedly from the beginning.  If anything, he might think she's a little too mellow.  He is going to love her all the more when she's more rambunctious and mobile.  Nevertheless, his problem has been being too enthusiastic in welcoming her to the family... but he is learning, and really is a sweet heart.

He just wants to be a part of the life of his new family member.

Whatever we're doing, he wants to be a part of it.

He even wants to help in any way he can.

And he has learned how fragile she is, and she is learning how lovable he is.

It is my prayer that Tracey Ann will grow to have great friends and playmates and first animal loves with both her fur-siblings.

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