Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Letters: Working Mom

  • Dear Friday, WELCOME!  We are SO excited to have you here!  This is the first Friday I have been happy about since before Tracey Ann was born... because now I'm counting down the weeks until the end of school -- 5 to go!  Yippee!!

  • Dear Internet, We pay how much for you, and yet you are slower and slower everyday.  You, Sir, are on borrowed time.  We're coming for you and its time to pay the piper -- we're either changing companies or getting some serious answers from the one we have now
  •  Dear Grammy and Papa, You're moving in with us permanently, right?  We've both been able to work all week, and our house has never been cleaner, our meals never been so healthy and prepared on time, our laundry never been done so regularly, and our baby girl so constantly entertained... We think God has a place for you here in Rifle in the future -- Well, we think God has a place for you in our home in Rifle in the future
  • Dear Tracey Ann, You bring us such joy.  Three months and we cannot remember our life before you.
  •  Dear Work, I enjoy my time with you... mostly because I am choosing to enjoy my time with you, but you really have a far lower priority in my life than ever before.  I still commit very hard work to you during my work hours... but then, work time is over and my time and attention is devoted to people and tasks of a much higher priority.  This will be the new normal.
  • Dear Hubby, I am SO INCREDIBLY PROUD of you for your commitment to your morning exercise boot camp.  I wish I could be doing it with you, but we both can't be out of the house at the same time.  I love our agreement that every day you do your morning workout, I HAVE to do my at-home workout the same day.  This buddy system is working well for us.  I am so proud to be your wife.
  • Dear Lord, Where will You have us next year?  Where can You use us best for Your work?  Please make Your Will abundantly clear to us and give us a strong sense of peace and wisdom as we seek Your Will for our future.
  • Dear Colleagues, It has been so nice to see you again these past two weeks -- and a HUGE thank you for the wonderful women who so kindly gush over the pictures of my beautiful baby girl... and another special thank you to the thoughtful women who tell me I look great.  I still have a ways to go until I'm pre-pregnancy size, but the kind words of encouragement are so appreciated.
  • Dear Decaf, I appreciate you.  Even with minimal caffeine, you are, even if only psychologically, the jolt I need each morning.
  • Dear Blog,  There are so many things I envision for you -- a new header, an instagram and pinterest link, and a watermark to protect the images of our baby girl, but technology is not a strength for me, and I don't have much time these days to flex my emaciated technology muscles.  Maybe this summer?  Maybe in ten years?  Maybe in retirement?
  • Dear Candace Cameron Bure, I'm really enjoying your book, "Balancing It All".  I read a few pages here and there when I'm pumping, or when Hubby is driving and Tracey Ann is in her car seat.  I also like watching you on Dancing With the Stars.  Good Luck.
  • Dear Toby Keith, I have had Made in America in my head for days.  Definitely not the worst song to have stuck in your head... but its not a great song for my signing range, so its starting to drive me a little crazy.  Great song though.
  • Dear Grey's Anatomy,  I was SO sad to hear that Sandra Oh (Christina) is leaving the show.  I was all excited about the Farewell to Christina show last night, and completely prepared for an emotional farewell... then it wasn't her last show -- apparently Farewell to Christina is several shows -- and your previous for next week makes it look like a stupid ending not in keeping with the integrity of the characters.  I will refrain from saying more until I have watched the full farewell... but I'm skeptical.

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