Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Best Day

I want to remember the details of yesterday, the best day.

 After getting to sleep (finally) at midnight, Tracey Ann awoke at 4am for a feeding -- therefore, I awoke at 4am for a feeding.  By 5:15am, she was back to sleep, but I kept myself up for an early morning work out.  As I yogged my way through T25 cardio, Hubby got up and out the door for his own workout class.

The workout was ugly, but I did it.  (For those of you who are wondering, that word is yogged -- like slogged, did the workout with the enthusiasm and tenacity of a workout while wearing cement boots.)

Next, I set up Tracey Ann's baby monitor BY MYSELF!!!  We haven't used it much because our home is small, and she's always in the same room as we are, and Hubby is ALWAYS our technical man.  But not this morning, I conquered that monitor myself!  The monitor allowed me to get a fast shower while Tracey Ann was still asleep.

Instead of going back to bed once out of the shower, I used the chance to help Hubby get out the door for work, do the dishes, and start laundry.  By the time Tracey Ann awoke for another feeding, I had accomplished more than I have on others days between the hours of 9-5.

After her feeding, Tracey Ann was happy and ready to play.  We did some tummy time and played with her mobile-like toy.  After she ate again, we both got dressed and headed out for some errands.

Dry cleaning, and lunch with Hubby's teaching team, then back home for another feeding.

Next Tracey Ann napped, and I was able to put her in her swing instead of her waking up every time I moved.  She slept in her swing for THREE HOURS -- had I known the nap would have lasted so long, I would have pumped some milk, and taken a nap.  Since I didn't know how long her nap would last, I was SOOOO productive.  Many loads of laundry, reorganizing the nursery part of our room, setting up a humidifier, washing and changing our sheets, sending out a few work emails, and actually having a few moments to relax in between remembering what else I should be doing.

When Tracey Ann awoke, it was feeding time again, and then Daddy was home.  A little more playtime followed, but then it became her fussy time of day.

The evening did not go as smoothly as the day had gone, but we have been trying to begin to teach her to fall asleep in her bassinet without being rocked or fed.  It took my undivided attention, and several attempts, but after 90 minutes of effort, Tracey Ann DID fall asleep in her bassinet without being rocked or fed.  ** Note:  This success was not the result of letting Tracey Ann "cry it out"**  It took three attempts, lots of shushing, my constant presence beside her bassinet rubbing her stomach or holding her hands, but she eventually fell asleep in her bassinet!

I felt like such a good wife, mother, and home-maker yesterday.
This is my last week on maternity leave, and I want it to last forever.  And, yes, for those of you who are wondering, waking up and staying up from 4am on is a great way to make your day last a long time.  :-D

Yesterday was a dream come true.

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