Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Outfits!!!

Some days I still have to pinch myself because I have a baby girl!  I have a DAUGHTER!

Chris and I would have loved a boy as our first born... we still hope to have a boy eventually, but the truth is I have always known that I would HAVE to have a girl in life.  If Chris and I had six boys, I would still have to have a daughter.  I am completely in awe that I am so blessed that our first born IS a daughter!  She's here -- the daughter I have dreamed about.

The clothes that come with a baby girl makes me giddy.  I am SO NOT into fashion... this shouldn't be news to you -- you've seen my outfits... but baby girl clothes are the most adorable things on earth!

FINALLY the weather is getting warm enough (and we took a trip to Arizona) that I can start dressing Tracey Ann in some of her ADORABLE outfits!  She's adorable in everything, but in our chilly home, she mostly wears sleepers.

In Arizona, we got to dabble in the world of dresses, onesies, bathing suits, bows, and more.

Oh, the outfits!

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  1. She is so so adorable!!! Dressing a girl is SO SO much fun!!


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