Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Love When...

I love when...
  • Tracey Ann stretches her little arms up in the air, stretches her back, arches her neck back, and sticks her little chin out
  • Tracey Ann is fussing in her bassinet, and I walk over to see her and she immediately smiles up at me -- she recognizes me and her whole face lights up
  • I hear my hubby make up songs, words, and notes while singing and talking to our daughter... some of his tones are notes I have never heard before
  • My baby falls asleep in my arms after nursing
  • My baby is fussing and I pick her up and she quiets down
  • Tracey Ann is screaming (more than fussing) and we play "Let It Go" from Frozen, and she inexplicably, but reliably stops crying
  • I'm nursing Tracey Ann, and Lexie jumps up onto the bed next to her, and sniffs her head... and then comes over to my free side so I can pet her
  • My baby smells like milk -- which is almost all the time
  • My husband and I get a few minutes to just delight in our daughter together
  • I nurse Tracey Ann laying down, and I feel her tiny little body right next to mine... it reminds me of when I was pregnant, and I felt her beautiful little body all the time
  • Tracey Ann watches FaceTime with either my parents or Chris' family, and her eyes get big and she smiles at the excited happy faces talking to her
  • Lloyd comes over to Tracey Ann, and she smiles up at him... and then he leans down and gently licks her

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