Sunday, April 13, 2014


Since our wonderful baby came into our life, Hubby and I have too many wrinkles.  Not wrinkles in our faces, although I'm sure those will be coming, but wrinkles on our clothes.

You see, while I have been home with Tracey Ann, I have worked hard to keep up with household tasks -- cleaning, some cooking, laundry, etc.  It has certainly been an adjustment doing my usual home-making duties while juggling a baby and working around nursing.  That being said, neither Hubby or Tracey Ann or I have ever been without clean and dry clothes or underwear.  This far, I have always kept up with laundry... And it is always clean and dry.

That being said, some days it is REALLY wrinkled!

While I always manage to get the dirty clothes in the washer, and the clean clothes in the dryer... I even manage to get the clean, dry clothes out of the dryer... But not infrequently, the clean, dry clothes then sit in a laundry basket for several hours (or days *insert ashamed face*).

I love taking care of my husband and baby, and recognizing that we have a problem with wrinkles at present gives me something concrete to improve in these next few months.

If you see us in something unusually wrinkled lately, trust me, it's clean... We just have a lot of wrinkles in our life right now.

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