Sunday, November 15, 2015

Unlike Anything

In my opinion, being "very" pregnant is unlike any other milestone in life.

Throughout a person's life... we'll use my life, as example, many milestones have occurred, and a perfect stranger, generally, would have no idea about them just by looking at me.

  • I have experienced accomplishments like graduating high school, college, graduate schools, etc.
  • I have gained employment and been excited about new jobs
  • I have bought a house
  • I have lost family members
  • I have had my heart broken
  • I have made mistakes I wish I could take back
  • I have adopted animals
  • I have fallen head over heels in love with my husband
  • I became engaged to be married
  • I had what was, in my opinion, the most beautiful wedding that has ever occurred
  • I have had arguments with my husband
  • I have learned a great deal about love and marriage with my husband
All of the above events occurred without the average person on the street knowing what was going on in my life.
Now, yes, when Hubby asked me to be his wife, we told some perfect strangers that we were newly engaged, because we were so excited...
And, the weeks before and after my wedding, I probably told everyone I saw that I was getting married, or had just gotten married...
But, the stranger did not know I had excited a major life event just by looking at me -- they knew because I shared something with them voluntarily.
Well, preparing for the arrival of a baby is unlike any other milestone in life -- every person I pass on the street, I see at work, or I waddle around at the store knows a life change is coming my way.
I was aware of this when I was pregnant with Tracey Ann, and I know people mean well.  I am one who often will comment to a woman who is pregnant and inquire about her pregnancy -- when she's due, how she's feeling, if she knows if the baby is a boy or a girl.  But, I will say, I have a little less patience for strangers' well-meaning comments with this twins pregnancy.
For starters, I still have over eight weeks of pregnancy left... and yet, the average strangers thinks I am at or beyond full term.  I am okay when people ask me when I'm due... then I am able to tell them, "Not until January... I'm expecting twins."  But some people just take it upon themselves to tell me I must be past my due date... or that the baby is coming any day... or that the baby has "dropped."
I really do know these people are being sweet, and are just excited for what they can see is a big change coming in my life... but I will admit I am getting tired of every person I pass to literally be able to see how close to this life change I am, and then talk to me about it.
But, from what I understand, strangers will be commenting on my twins for a very long time... so I suppose these well-meaning inquiries are just preparing me for that.
Lord, I know this pregnancy is such a brief season of my life and I am beyond blessed by these two lives you have entrusted to Hubby and me.  Help me to have a blessed and joyful heart when strangers talk to me.  Let me show them You and not my human nature.

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