Thursday, November 12, 2015

Murphy's Law of Parenting...

Murphy's Law of Parenting...

When you are seven months pregnancy with twins and your husband attends a work conference and is away from home for three days and two nights, your one-year-old will inevitably have her hardest and worst two nights of sleep she has had since you've moved to your new house.  She will refuse to sleep, be up throughout the night, and throw uncharacteristic tantrums.

The night your husband returns, with full knowledge that he is on Daddy-duty indefinitely to make up for the rough nights that Mama has had, your one-year-old will easily fall asleep at 8:30pm, and sleep soundly and peacefully through the night without so much as a peep or a sneeze.

... And as the mother, you're not really sure if you are glad that she is sleeping soundly or furious that she's not throwing the same tantrums for your husband that she threw for you for the past two nights.

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